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About Broken Bay Unit Roles

The Broken Bay unit is based at Rowland Reserve in beautiful Bayview where our amazing team of volunteers fulfil a variety of Operational and Non-Operational roles.

Operational Crew:  Our boat crews are broken down into three categories.

  • Competent Crew: Most of our members operate as crew. They are responsible for interacting with vessels or people needing assistance and generally are the first point of contact when we attend.
  • Leading Crew: Master and operate our smaller 20 class rescue vessel and have overall responsibility for managing and controlling on-water assists and rescues in calm or near shore localities.
  • Coxswain/Master: Master and operate our large 30 class rescue vessel and have overall responsibility for Search and Rescue, managing and controlling on water assists and rescues out to 30 nautical miles to sea.

These members are the volunteers who skipper and/or crew our rescue vessels in our primary mission of Saving Lives on the water. For each role, there is an extensive training program, comprising of both on-water practical skills and theory.

At the Broken Bay unit, we work on a fixed number of trainee intakes per year.  This means when you join you will be part of a larger induction group all learning and progressing together. 

Non Operational Specialist:  We have a number of critical positions required to help run our unit that do not require an Operational Crew Rating (although many roles are held by members doubling up as Crew and a support role).  There are no intake dates for these roles as we recruit for these positions when we have a vacancy.  Examples of the type of roles would be Admin, Boat Maintenance, Fund Raising, Social Media Marketing, Treasurer, Membership, Property, Radio Club Manager, Media Manager, Radio Operator and more. 

Please browse here to see which roles are currently vacant;

MRNSW Broken Bay September 2021 trainee group

If you are interested in joining the Marine Rescue Broken Bay unit as Operational Crew, then we would love to meet you!  See below for details on the recruitment process and more detail on each of the stages.

So you want to take the first step?

The first step would be to attend an Information Evening.  We ask everyone thinking of joining to attend one of these sessions. These sessions will cover the following

  • Who we are
  • What we do
  • Our expectations of new members
  • The typical training journey to becoming Crew

This is a good opportunity for you to also understand if joining Marine Rescue will fit well with your lifestyle and family priorities.

The information session is led by our unit Executive Team with the information evenings conducted approximately monthly as per the dates below.  Please email to secure your place.

What happens after that?

After the information evenings, if you are excited by what you hear and would like to continue your journey and become part of our team, then we ask you to submit a formal application which includes a mandatory ID check.  We then conduct 1:1 interviews to learn more about you, what you hope to get out of Marine Rescue and what skills and experiences you bring.  This is also a chance for you to ask questions on anything you may have missed at the information sessions. 

As we have more applicants than we have places, we then face the difficult decision on which candidates to invite to join us as our new trainees.  If you are unsuccessful in one intake there may be opportunities in a later intake, so we encourage you to reapply, or consider one of our non-operational roles.

2022 Induction dates to be released soon

Still have questions?

No problem, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page here;

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