About Us

Our Broken Bay members are our greatest strength. Recognised for their marine knowledge, courage and community service, they are dedicated to helping boaters stay safe on NSW waterways

Marine Rescue Broken Bay is equipped with two rapid response rescue vessels, a 10m Naiad offshore vessel and a 7.5m Walkthrough Naiad for inshore and near shore rescues. Our rescue vessels are equipped to respond to all boating craft in any kind of trouble or support activities such as administering first-aid, working with NSW Police in coordinated search and rescue operations and on water-safety coverage for aquatic events.

Unlike most emergency services, we are not a Government agency but an independent not-for-profit organisation and rely on donations from the public to keep us operating.

While we are committed to our mission of saving lives on the water in Pittwater, Broken Bay and out at sea, Marine Rescue Broken Bay also provides education to the boating public which include Boat & PWC licence courses, Marine Radio (Both SROCP and LROCP) courses and Flare usage and demonstration.

In order to continue serving the boating public, Marine Rescue Broken Bay will need to replace the current rescue vessels in the coming years. To acquire these new assets, we will require significant fundraising to help us raise enough money. We ask that you please support our volunteers when you see them.  Donations are always gratefully received.

Remember, whenever you’re heading out on the water, make sure you Log On with MRNSW using your marine radio on VHF 16, 27Mhz Channel 88, telephone or via the Marine Rescue smartphone App so you have the peace of mind of knowing someone is watching out for you.